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These are darts that are made by D W Designs. When I first got them in the mail and opened up the package, my first reaction was to chuckle. They're HUGE (very wide but also very short)! They are 16 gram aluminum soft-tip darts. Not wanting to pass judgement without giving them a chance, I went to the dart room to try them out. The first thing you will notice is that your favorite grip no longer works. There really only seems to be one way to hold the dart. So I popped the top off one of my favorite beverages and proceeded to try them out. Much to my surprise, they fly really straight. It didn't take me anytime at all to adjust to them. And even though they are big, I was able to hit six marks, and on one occasion two double and one single bull. A nine mark would be really tight but not impossible. The most difficult thing for me was having the confidence that I could hit a nine mark with them (like I could hit a nine mark with my regular darts, HA! I do good to get all three darts in the same number, little less the same triple!). The bottom line is don't let looks fool you.

Pros: They really do fly straight. Even though they are a little large, they are very easy to throw. For you steel-tip throwers, hammerhead points work in them perfectly.

Cons: They are big and it might be difficult for the experienced thrower to have the confidence of being able to get tight groupings.

Recommendation: I think they would be perfect for the beginning player and a nice gift for those throwers that 'have everything'. I don't know if I'll use them on a permanent basis, but I did use them in some of our cricket matches during league play with quite a bit of success (and comments from a number of the throwers there). I've never been one to change darts very often and really do like my gorilla grip darts. But I'm definitely not done throwing them! If you've got a little extra money lying around, why not give them a try. They probably cost less than the darts you are currently throwing, I know they cost less than mine.

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