V-Wing Flights

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(There are more designs than the ones shown here.)

Kim at Big River Darts sent me some of these with an order I placed with him. They had just come out and he really liked them and thought I would also. I've been throwing with standard dimplex flights for years (no, I won't say how many) and thought that the new shape was just another 'gimmick' that you see surface from time-to-time. As much as it pains me to say this, he was right and I was wrong. <this hurts>


  1. They really have helped to straighten out my throw. Darts no longer land in the board at an angle. There also seems to be less drag with these as opposed to the dimplex.
  2. The 'tips/fins' of the flights are narrow. This allows them to be very flexible when making contact with another dart already in the board. This leads to less of a deflection than a standard flight.
  3. The base of the flight is wide as opposed to pointed. This makes inserting them into a metal shaft much easier.
  4. For those of you that like flight protectors, they fit on the flights with no problem.


  1. Like all new products, there aren't many different designs to choose from. When they pick up in popularity, then I'm sure they'll come out with more. Personally, I like the fly myself. :-)

Recommendation: Let's put it this way, I've ordered enough sets to last me for quite awhile.

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