Voks EL-C Darts

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written by: Stephan Boianoff

Voks is the originator of the EL-C moveable point system (the same system used by Laserdart). With this system, the point is inserted into the back of the barrel & simply drops into place. The friction between the different metals (steel point & tungsten barrel) and the slight taper of the point holds it there.


  1. They use the EL-C system, which has the following advantages.
    1. Simplicity of design - no threads to unscrew & no clips to wear out.
    2. The number of bounce-outs is dramatically reduced.
    3. The darts spin very easily once in the board.
    4. The points reset themselves when pulled from the board.
    5. The points do not rattle or shift when the dart is being thrown.
    6. The points come in five lengths, so you can pick your pleasure.
    7. A set of points can be changed in about 15 seconds with no tools.
  2. The barrels come in both 80% and 90% tungsten with multiple styles in each.
  3. Price. The 80% run around $40 and the 90% run around $50. I can only assume this is partly because they are sold with a cheap vinyl case, but , hey, most people don't use the fancy case their darts come in anyway.


  1. Although Voks makes no recommendation, it's probably not a good idea to use metal shafts with these darts. The point actually makes contact with the shaft on each throw, and many people (including Laserdart, which recommends nylon or plastic shaft with their MP darts) feel that the constant hammering could damage the threads inside the barrel.
  2. There is a little maintenance required with these darts to keep them in top shape, but probably not as much as with most of the other MP systems. With time, the action of the point can become rough. There is a "lube groove" machined into each point, and Voks recommends the use of Vaseline for this purpose, but I have found that a pipe cleaner and a squirt of WD-40 works very well, too. (Just don't get it on your grip!)

Recommendation: I couldn't be happier with them. In my opinion, the EL-C system is the best on the market. And with the variety of barrel styles offered, you're almost guaranteed to find just what you're looking for.

Barrel Examples

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