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The Nodor Supawire Dartboard

Rating  4-5 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

Here are the improvements the manufacturer has on the back of box:

  1. Strong coated steel band, holding tightly compacted fibres together
  2. Durable long life swedish bygalit background
  3. Millions of first quality africal sisal fibres tightly packed which atutomatically spring apart on receiving the dart point and close on withdrawal
  4. "Edge On" profile triangular wiring system
  5. Machined 25 ring ensuring true concentricity with new bullse eye
  6. Staple free sport enginereed bulls eye significantly reducing bounce back
  7. Twisted legs on doubles and treblie rings embedded in sisal, eliminating ends of wires coming out of the boards

Supabull II


  1. Triangular wires to help eliminate bounce outs
  2. All the wires are nice and "tight"
  3. Very clear colors with no color "seepage" under the wires
  4. Staple-free bullseye (now a common feature on all good dartboards).


  1. It'll cost a little more but it will last a lot longer.

Recommendation: There's no reason that I can think of not to get one unless you're just wanting to get a cheaper board. Nodor has been producing boards for over 70 years and know what they're doing. The hardest decision I have to make is whether to get one of these or The DMI 'The Bandit' Dartboard when it's time for me to replace one.

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My Testing Results: My definition of a bounce out is a dart that bounces off the board. Now, having said that, this is what a bounce out is not:

  1. A dart that does not stick due to contact it made with another dart that was already in the board
  2. A dart that does not hit the board point first (flight fell out or just very poorly thrown)
  3. A dart that bounces off the metallic number ring.

Below are the results of our testing. After all was said and done, this is an outstanding dartboard.

Week 1: 9 hours of use & only 1 bounce out!! (shot at the bullseye)
Week 2: 7 hours of use & only 1 bounce out!! (shot at the bullseye)
Week 3: 5 hours of use & 0 bounce outs!!
Week 4: 8 hours of use & 0 bounce outs
Week 5: 11 hours of use & only 1 bounce out!! (shot at the bullseye)
Week 6: 10 hours of use & only 1 bounce out (shot at the bullseye)!!
Week 7: 15 hours of use & only 2 bounce outs (1 at the bullseye)!!

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