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To see a picture of Steve's Custom Darts, visit their web site at I did try both their soft and steel-tip darts and this review applies to both. I used nylon shafts with V-Wing flights for the steel-tip and nylon shafts and regular flights for the soft-tip.


  1. Very nice grip, did not slip out of my hands at any time.
  2. All three darts weighed the same, important for consistency (I did weigh it with a manual scale, not a more precise electronic one).
  3. There are six different barrel designs so you can choose the one that best suits your throw in the weight you're most comfortable with.
  4. You can use hammerhead points with the lighter soft-tip darts allowing you to use the same darts for both games.
  5. They do come with your own Harrow's fix-it tool.


  1. They are more expensive than most other darts on the market. Having said that, the quality of these darts more than makes up for the price difference. There are two things to remember; first these darts are made one set at a time to your specifications (not mass produced) and tungsten is anything but cheap.

Recommendations: These are some excellent darts for both beginners and professionals. Everyone that came over to throw ended up putting their darts down to use these. Unless, like me, you have a set of darts you just can not part with, these are well worth the price!

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