Spiraline Flights

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Spiraline flights are strange to say the least. After they are unfolded, they look like propellers. Your dart will actually spin on the way to the board. According to the package they come in, "The only flight that actually spins the dart, making for a straight and accurate throw". Well, I can say one thing for them, they do land in the board straight.

  1. They come in black.
  2. You won't loose any flight protecters (they won't fit on these flights).

  1. Drag! Because they spin, it slows down the dart. This can not only be distracting, but it can also mess up your throwing rhythm.
  2. When the dart does finally get to the board, all you can see is this big spread out flight. If you're tired of throwing nice tight groups, this is the flight for you!!
  3. They are more expensive than your more common plastic flights.
  4. They will not fit into many dart cases in tact (especially the wooden/plastic cases that hold three darts that fits in your pocket).

Recommendation: If you're like me and you just have to try something new, go for it. But after using them for awhile, they'll end up back on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

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