Spinpactor Points

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written by: Larry Maleszewski

A , moveable, replacement point for Hammerhead darts. They allow dart barrels to spin out of the way of oncoming darts, similar action to Harrows Powerpoint. Installation can be difficult as the initial point installation from the factory is tight. Wrap dart body in some material prior to applying pliers & point wrench. DO NOT APPLY HEAT TO TUNGSTEN DARTS!

Cost: Around $15 per set of three points. Same as Hammerhead replacement points.

  1. Allows Hammerhead darts to spin out of the way of oncoming darts, reduces deflection.
  2. Eliminates need for spinning shafts to achieve the same/similar effect.

  1. The tip of the point is very thin. A few collisions with a wire/wall/floor makes this obvious. These points will bend. (Used with 22g darts)
  2. Point rattles when dart is drawn back for the throw. Not a big problem, but can be distracting if you're not used to it.
  3. Clips inside of the point mechanism are fragile. After about 6 months of use, the clips simply disintegrated. Bad news if this happens during match play & a replacement is not available.

Recommendation: The spinning effect is great. These darts move out of the way just like a powerpoint. The rattle was a problem at first & had me thinking the points were unscrewing from the dart. No longer a problem for me. To compensate for the bending, I've cut about 1/8" off of the end with a Dremel, to get to the thicker metal. You can grind the angle with a dart sharpener, but I chucked the points in a drill & used a sharpening stone. The points are a little shorter, but if you don't sink your darts into the board, this is not a problem. Breaking clips. Thin metal has a finite lifespan, I'll put it at six months for these clips.

Overall: If you can live with the quirks that come with these points, they're worth the effort. The spinning effect makes it worthwhile. If you're not able to find a spinning shaft for the effect, then these are the ticket.

Good Luck & Shoot Well

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