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I have updated this review since this dart has been upgraded to "The Smartest Dart 2nd Generation". The next few paragraphs will state the improvements that have been made to the darts. Everything below the horizontal line is the specifications for the "1st Generation" of the dart. My recommendation below has not changed, the improvements they made to the dart has simply made the argument for checking these darts out even stronger.

  1. The grip has even been further enhanced to eliminate any slippage of skin on the barrel as the dart is being released. If you're like me, this is one of the most important features of a dart. My hands tend to sweat and I need as much help as possible with the grip.
  2. The plunger was occasionally getting caught up on the back side of the collet, so at times the point became loose since the plunger was tied to the spring. The collet has been lengthened so that all of the plunger movement was contained within the body of the collet. This completely eliminates this problem from reoccurring.
  3. The longevity of the spring has been increased by fine-tuning the depth where the collet screws into the barrel. This will enable the dart to maintain it's "spring-loaded" feature and yet be flexible enough so that the action of the point had enough time to work in preventing bounce outs. It's also loose enough so the barrel will freely rotate when another dart would contact it on the board.

The bottom line is that the 2nd Generation of "The Smartest Dart" has delegated the 1st Generation set as my 2nd favorite set of darts.

I've decided to do this review a little differently from the others because of numerous claims the manufacturers make about this dart. Below is a list of each "reason" they claim that this dart is better than the rest (in blue) and below each one is my two cents worth.


  1. has perfected the moveable point! This point, after initial wire contact, becomes "FREE FLOATING" and is able to deflect one degree in any direction, for 360 DEGREES! Current moveable points have collets that "lock" the point's tip to the center of the barrel, so the barrel just hits on the exact same spot that the point just hit upon. Our point remains secure in the extended position due to the shock absorbing spring.

    This is true and false, depending on which set of dart you are comparing these to. Some movable point darts have collets that lock the point into place, and others do not (Black/Gold Widows for example). I am impressed with the strength of the spring and that they don't come flying back at you if you do get a deflection. Another manufacturer, a number of years ago, had spring loaded darts that became flying projectiles should they bounce off of a wire.

  2. The barrel is SUPERIOR TUNGSTEN STEEL alloy that has a Rockwell hardness rating of 32. AS AN OPTION, at an additional charge, you can have a set of darts with a protective TITANIUM coating on the barrel! All collets are TITANIUM coated! Current tungsten darts are usually rated in the 5 to 11 range!

    This is what I would classify as a "Gee Wiz" fact; it's neat to know but does it really mean anything to the average thrower? A tungsten dart is a tungsten dart, you can't tell if one is harder than another by looking at them or any other method I'm aware of that you would have at your house. I contacted a number of manufacturers to ask them about what their darts rated and they simply do not rate them. I'm not a metallurgist and have no way of knowing if this rating is unusual for darts or their claim that 5 to 11 is the norm. I can say I've never heard of anyone else stating that their collets were titanium coated. It will be interesting to see if other companies start rating their darts in this fashion since DartSmarts has.

  3. This barrel's grip provides both, the necessary textured surface for CONTROL and CONSISTENCY at the critical point of release from the fingers, as well as allowing for the PIVOTING movement of the fingers on the barrel during the launching process! Most darts today fail for consistency, due to the dart leaving the fingers uncontrolled due to either having "too good" of a grip without any "pivotability" or too smooth of a grip which produces "slippage.".

    Ok, I'm not an "expert" on the proper way to launch a dart, but I can tell you that these dart do not slip out of your hand. If you've read any of my other dart reviews, you will know I've always preferred heavily knurled darts. These darts are not heavily knurled but they have a GREAT grip. The more I've thrown with them, the better I like them.

  4. "The Smartest Dart" comes with the new, PATENT PENDING,'s "FT" Performance Flight! This flight will allow shooters to throw the much desired "Flatter Trajectory." Most flights today produce too much drag and as a result, enter the board pointing at the ceiling. This flight has a SMOOTH surface, where the air can travel freely over the surface, and NOT produce turbulence which allows DRAG to set in BIG TIME! This new flight design complements the "Natural" arc of the shooter's arm movement.

    My only complaint with the flights are the ones that came with my darts are shiny "mirror-like" gold (very distracting if you're throwing in a room with an overhead light). Other than that, the flights work very well for me. Are these the "only" set of flights that will work with these darts? No. You can put other flights in them. Having said that, I've found throwing them with these flights gave me more consistent results than when I put a set of V Wings in them (the style of flight I have been using for a number of years now). Will I continue to use them or other flights like them with these darts, yes.

  5. The Smartest Dart comes with the PROPER length of shaft and material! The two components of a dart that affect it's aerodynamics is the shaft and flight. Throwing a flat trajectory is most desirable because it provides a MAXIMUM MARGIN OF ERROR. Medium length shafts provide too much drag, so one needs to throw harder and increase the trajectory, which also adds more chance of error. Short shafts tend to be sporadic. The material that produces the most control and consistency for shafts is nylon, and that is what we use exclusively! If you're looking to be a "fashion statement" with fancy shafts or flights also, you need to re-examine your PERFORMANCE PRIORITIES!

    I can honestly say that I agree with them 100% on this subject, this is the same length of shaft I've been using for years. I've never been able to throw accurately with long or really short shafts. As far as the material goes, I really have no comment other than the nylon shafts are quite sturdy and probably some of the less expensive shafts on the market. I'm used to throwing with nylon shafts because that's what you have to use with movable-point Gold Widows so I'm already a bit biased towards them.

  6. The POINT'S TIP has a SEMI-SPHERICAL SHAPE that enables the point to SLIDE off of wires into scoring areas, as oppose to DIGGING into metal wires and creating CRATERS, where points are UNABLE to move from, EVEN if the dart has a moveable point!

    Everything here is a true, I have nothing to add to it.

  7. This point has circumferential etched rings that SECURE it in the board! Most shooters use sand paper to produce this effect, but has made this feature PERMANENT!

    This is a nice feature that I'm surprised nobody else has thought of before (at least not to my knowledge).

  8. The collet is made of a HARDENED STAINLESS STEEL that has a Rockwell rating of 60! By the way, we also coated it in TITANIUM for another 10 points! won't bleed you financially by using SOFT metals for collets!

    Yes, they're hard. :-)

  9. When "The Smartest Dart" is embedded in the board, it is able to ROTATE FREELY! This will provide flexibility when "incoming" darts brush them aside!

    Like above, this all depends on what darts you are comparing these two. The pressure the spring puts on the point keeps it from rotating as easily as my Widows. You can blow on the widows when they're in the board and they will spin, you can not do it with these darts. But yes, they will rotate away when another dart makes contact with them.

  10. The collet is designed to have a FULL EXTERNAL CONE SHAPE, which is DEFLECTION FRIENDLY! Also, the collet has a MINIMIZED leading LIP that greatly REDUCES the chances of it being "clothes hung" on flights of darts already existing in the board.

    Everything here is also true though I can never remember any dart collet "clothes hanging" on a flight in a dart already in the board over the years I've been throwing.

  11. The flight protector, besides having a PROPER GRIP AREA for its application or removal, it also has a REAR TAPER which is also very DEFLECTION FRIENDLY as well!

    I've always been a fan and user of flight protectors.

  12. The Smartest Dart can also accept SOFT-TIPS for ELECTRONIC PLAY! Playing with one set of darts will add stability to your game!

    This is something that's very nice but you'll need to be careful how heavy a dart you order. Most soft-tip leagues will not allow darts that weigh over 20 grams even though you can put soft-tip points in the heavier versions of these darts.

Recommendations: Like many other dart products that have come out over the years claiming to be the best ever, these darts will not automatically turn you into a professional dart thrower, only practice will do that. Having said that, I never thought I'd find a set of darts that I liked as much, if not more, than my Gold Widows but I was wrong. The more I've thrown with these darts, the more attached I've become to them. The only downside is the cost even though they're not cheap, they also aren't the most expensive sets of darts on the market.

The bottom line is if you're a competitive dart thrower looking for a good set of darts and don't mind spending a little bit of money, look no further! I do not believe you'll regret your decision, I haven't.

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