Shockwave Shafts

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Shockwave Shaft

This is another set of spinning shafts that have hit the market. The difference between these and other spinning shafts are that these have a "shock absorbing" feature where the back end of the shaft moves in when hit. This keeps you from robin hooding the shaft thus damaging the end that holds in the flight.


  1. No robin hoods meaning the shaft will last longer. Obviously this isn't a concern for soft-tip throwers. :-)
  2. It doesn't rattle when you are throwing it but they will when removing them from the board.
  3. You can order replacement tops and springs should you need them. I used them for a couple of weeks and didn't need any.


  1. They cost twice as much as standard aluminum shafts but if you throw tight groups and robin hood darts a lot, these will last longer. They're no more expensive than other spinning shafts though.
  2. I decided to use O'rings to ensure the shaft was tight even if they felt lose when I pulled them from the board. That's when I noticed there was no hole at the base of the shaft to use your point to tighten it.

Recommendation: If you like spinning shafts you'll want to check these out. They're more durable than they look. I've never been a real big fan of spinning shafts, but I do like these. If you give them a try, email me and let me know what you think.

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Visitor Feedback:

I bought my wife a set of Shockwave shafts and they worked well until they hit the floor several times. The plastic insert came out and we never saw the springs again. Once they get loose, they just don't stay together. I bought them from a shop on it's way out, (only open part-time) but was able to purchase an extra set of springs. I won't install them without crazy glue, but, needless to say, the wife no longer uses them.

by D.J. McBride

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