Shaft Ex Soft-tip Point/Non-Metal Shaft Extractor

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This is a very simple tool that makes extracting broken shafts/soft-tip points a snap. No more having to use pocket knives, screwdrivers, fingernail clippers, etc. I've even heard stories where throwers would use torches to melt the broken shaft out.


  1. It's simple to use and it has worked every time I've needed it.
  2. You can replace a broken shaft in seconds so you won't have to hurry or hold up the game you're currently playing.
  3. They will also remove soft-tip points that have broken off into the barrel. I've only seen points break off like this a couple of times.


  1. People like to "borrow" it a lot. I've had a few "disappear" from time-to-time.

Recommendation: If you use plastic or nylon shafts or if you throw soft-tip darts and your points break a lot, this is a must. When I'm throwing with my Black Eagle Movable Point Darts I use Alamo shafts. I've had a number of shafts break and this makes it such a snap to remove the broken piece from the barrel. Every dart case should have one of these in it, if not for you but to help out a teammate/competitor when they have a need for one.

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