RotaSpin Replacement Points

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These are steel-tip replacement points to be used with your soft-tip darts. The only difference between these and other replacement points is that the points actually spin.


  1. I do not care for 'spinning' shafts, they tend to rattle. These points eliminate the need for spinning shafts. The dart turns very freely when in the board as another dart makes contact with it.
  2. They are only a couple of dollars more expensive that their non-spinning counterparts and are not nearly as expensive as some of the other screw-in moveable points.
  3. They come with washers (O rings) to keep the points from becoming loose.


  1. They rattle. Personally, I find this annoying.
  2. They only spin, they do not move in and out.

Recommendation: If the rattle doesn't bother you and you're using normal replacement points, you will want to give these a try. If you don't mind spending more than twice the money that these cost for a set of points, I would try out the RotoHammer replacement points.

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