QUADRO Dartboard

(No longer in Production)

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QUADRO Dartboard Picture

This is by far my favorite board to throw on. As you can immediately tell, it's got an extra ring known as the quad ring. It works just like the double and triple ring, hit it and you score four times the number hit. Now, instead of a 180 being the highest possible throw and a 170 being the highest possible out, with this board you can throw a 240 and you can take out a 210 (Q20, Q20, DB). Now if you win the cork in cricket, you could actually start off a game with a Q20, Q19, Q18, closing all three and scoring a total of 57 points!! Granted, the target is small, but it is very tempting to throw at. You can still play on the board and ignore the quad ring because everything else is regulation size. You can easily modify your favorite dart game to use this board and the quad ring.

Pros: Adds a new dimension to your dart games. Large leads can now be quickly gained and quickly overcome.

Cons: If you already have a lot of bounce outs due to hitting wires, well now there are more wires. Also, if your not good at math, you've got more to calculate now (hint: think of a quad as two doubles, so a quad 18 would be 36+36 as opposed to 18x4).

Recommendation: Buy It!!

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