Deflectagrip Nylon Plus Shafts

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written by: Stephan Boianoff

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As you probably guessed, these shafts are made of nylon. They are very durable and will take a fair amount of abuse without failure. Another interesting feature of this shaft is the spring that goes at the base of the flight insertion grooves and holds the flight tight.


  1. Price. At about $1 a set, you'd be hard pressed to find a better value in a dart shaft.
  2. Durability. These shafts do not bend as easily as aluminum shafts, and if they do, they can be repaired with a little heat.
  3. Length selection. This shaft is available in multiple lengths (ex-short, short, and medium).
  4. Flight insertion. It is much easier to insert a "heavy duty" flight (Pentathlon, Ruthless, etc.) into this shaft than an aluminum shaft.


  1. Color selection. These shaft only come in black & white (and no fancy designs are available).
  2. Weight. These shafts are slightly heavier than aluminum shafts.

Recommendation: These shafts work great for the cost. They stay true on minor impacts and hold flights well. If you throw a medium-heavy dart, and especially if you use any of the "heavy duty" flights, you should give them a try. Heck, it'll only cost you a buck!

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