Nylon Flights

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These are some of the more durable flights on the market. Instead of being made of plastic, they are made of a nylon fabric. You can find them in most all the different shapes as the more common plastic flight.

Pros: Very durable! They will last longer than a plastic flight and are not much more expensive.

Cons: It does take some patience to put these flights in many of the different shafts, and also when adding flight protectors to them. They are wider than you standard plastic flight and are easy to tear up if you try to quickly insert them into your favorite aluminum shaft. They are also a little heavier than a plastic flight. If you are one of those throwers that like to change the colors/design of flight you throw on a whim, nylon flights do not offer the variety of colors/designs as the plastic flights do.

Recommendation: If you throw a heavy dart, give them a try. I would also recommend you use them in combination with the fourwire shafts. It will make your job of putting your darts together much easier.

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