Megrolins Single Case

Metroline Solo Dart Case

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This case will hold one set of darts and has 3 different plastic containers: a square plastic case for flights & accessories, a tube for a roll of quarters and a tube for soft-tip points. It is constructed of a hard durable plastic that is hinged at the back and has a large easy to use latch at the front.


  1. They'll hold your darts without you first having to take them apart. This will help make plastic flights last longer since they'll only be folded/unfolded once.
  2. If you're a soft-tipper, it has compartments for everything you'll need including quarters and replacement tips. If you're a steel-tipper, you can always use the two tubes for shafts and other accessories.
  3. It is very durable. Nothing is indestructible, but dropping this case will do it no harm.
  4. Each plastic container has it's own compartment. Things won't be bouncing around inside the case.
  5. The square container is large enough for flights, tools, stones, etc. Don't get me wrong, it won't hold a lot, but it will hold more than enough for a long day at your favorite tournament.


  1. It only holds one set of darts.
  2. It's too big to fit in your pocket, but should easily fit into most purses.

Recommendation: If you only carry one set of darts and are looking for a very durable and inexpensive case, no need to look any further (especially if you throw electronic darts). This is also good for those of you that carry cases like The Dart Caddy to your local tournaments, but want something smaller to carry at tournaments outside of your hometown where it might "get up and walk off" when you've turned your back. People will be less likely to take a mostly empty case sitting on a table than a very large one that they know will have quite a bit in it. The vast majority of throwers aren't thieves, but I've rarely gone to a large tournament without hearing about someone having something stolen.

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