Harrows Magnetic Darts

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Every dart manufacturer out there is always hunting for the next "newest and best" item they can make that will "revolutionize" the sport of darts and if all goes well, make them a fortune at the same time. Some examples as far as darts go that come to mind are the "Twisted Dart" and the "M3's". Don't get me wrong, they were good darts in their own way, but do you see the majority of throwers using them?

The following graphic is the one that Harrows uses to explain why you need these darts.

Magnetic Darts graphic

Ok, before I get to the pros and cons of what I think about these darts, let's start with a simple lesson in physics. The magnetic field that these darts produce is nowhere strong enough to alter the flight of an incoming dart. The velocity it takes to launch a 22-26 gram dart to the dartboard makes the "small" magnetic field around any darts in the board completely useless. Second, even if you have a bounce-out above two other darts in the board and you were lucky enough for them to catch the falling dart, what will ever make the catching darts place the point of the falling dart against the surface of the board (the point must be touching the surface for that dart to count).

Picture of the Magnetic Darts

Recommendations: If you collect darts, you'll want to add these to your collection. They're fun to play around with. Will they revolutionize the sport, no. If you do want to add them to your collection, you might want to do it while they can still be found. I suspect, after awhile, they too will go the way of other "perfect/no-miss" darts..

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