Harley Davidson Flights

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(There are many more designs than the ones shown here.)


  1. They're Harley Davidson flights, cool graphics.
  2. They come in different shapes (standard, coal cracker, delta II, fantail, and for the lack of a technical term, oval).


  1. They are almost twice as expensive than other plastic flights. This probably has to do with not only the HD logo, but also because they are packaged in blistercards as opposed to plastic bags. I also found it a little humerous that the company prides itself on the fact that their motorcycles are made in the U.S., but the flights bearing their logos are made in England.

Recommendation: These would make a great gift for any dart thrower you know that likes Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you're a HD fan, I'm certain there's one you would like also. But, if you're hard on flights and are always replacing them, these might be a little too expensive for you (over $2/set).

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