Broken Limb Hardwood Dart Case

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If you're looking for a compact wooden case that will not only fit in your back pocket but will also hold your darts while they're still assembled, you'll want to check this one out. Their homepage can be found at


  1. You don't have to disassemble your darts. This saves a lot of wear and tear on your flights.
  2. Even though it will store your darts assembled, it's still small enough to carry around with you.
  3. It's made of wood, very sturdy construction.
  4. It has a place and even comes with a sharpening stone and a dart tool.
  5. The case is held closed by magnets. So when you remove your darts from both ends, your case won't fly open spilling all of your extras on the floor.
  6. There is also a place to store extra sets of flights.


  1. Unless you throw short or maybe medium length shafts, there isn't an area to store extras.
  2. You have to unsnap both ends of the case to get your darts out. At first, I thought this was a really big detractor to the case. Once I started using it, I realized the magnet holding the lids together did their job nicely. And let's face it, whats the first thing you do before you throw? You take your darts out, not thumb through your supplies.

Notes from the Manufacturer:

  1. The case will hold three medium length shafts (although it's tight), four short shafts or two long shafts.
  2. The max length dart that will fit in the case is 6 1/4" so if you're using long shafts your dart might not fit in the case.
  3. It will hold tear drop, kite, speed or normal flights but large odd shapes (like vortex or V'Wings) will not fit in the inside pocket.
  4. The max barrel diameter is 5/16".

Recommendation: This is a great case for someone to store and carry their darts around in. It will easily fit in one's back pocket or purse and will hold all the extras you might require for a night of throwing.

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Broken Limb Dart Cases