Bottelsen HammerHead® Spinning Shafts

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Hammer Head Spinning Shaft

I've always liked Bottelsen products so I had to give these a try. They appeared to be well constructed and do not rattle at all (unusual for a spinning shaft).


  1. They do not rattle!
  2. They come in 3 lengths so you can find the right one for you.


  1. In one evening I had to replace 2 shafts. One was robin hooded and it sheared off one of the clips that hold in the flight and bent a second. I suspect the other shaft was not put together correctly when manufactured. The back end of the shaft simply fell off and would not stay on when replaced.
  2. They're more expensive than standard aluminum shafts but no more expensive than other spinning shafts.

Recommendation: If you're a soft-tipper looking for a good spinning shaft, you'll want to give these a try. If you're a steel-tipper looking for a spinning shaft and you also tend to robin hood a lot, I would recommend trying out Shockwave Shafts. Unlike many of the spinning shafts on the market, these do not have any replacement parts you can order, you have to replace the entire shaft.

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