Firehouse Bristle Dartboard

Firehouse Bristle Dartboard

Rating  3 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

This bristle board is manufactured in Kenya. It is a standard bristle dartboard, nothing fancy nor are there any "claims" that it is the best board available on the packaging or that it will reduce bounceouts by some large percentage. The wires are attached to the board with very small fasteners pretty much making them a non-player when it comes to bounce outs. I guess one of the best ways to refer to the board is as a "working class/blue collar" dartboard. It has held out very nicely and doesn't come with a large price tag. It retails for around $45-50, which is more than a lot of the cheaper boards but less than some of the more popular ones.


  1. It's comes with diamond-shaped wires, will help reduce bounceouts.
  2. A very durable board with a removable number ring so you can rotate it.
  3. No staples, the fasteners that are used are very small.
  4. Stapleless bullseye with a tapered double bull ring.
  5. Nice subdued colors, no bright greens or reds.


  1. When you first open the box, don't get your nose too close to it. What can I say, the board smells. Now having said that, it won't stink up your dart room, it's not that strong. But after being cooped up in a box for months I guess the smell had no place to go. :-)

Recommendation: If you're looking for a durable dartboard that doesn't come with a high price tag, you'll want to check out this board. It's definitely better than the cheap bristle boards and isn't that much different from the more expensive models. Like the more expensive boards, this one does come with diamond-shaped wires (cheaper boards generally come with round wires). It has held up quite nicely here at the house and we spend quite a few hours each week throwing.

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My Testing Results: We'v been throwing on this board now for over a month. After 47 hours of use, we've had a total of 21 bounce outs, 12 out of the bullseye.

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