Dyna Star Shafts/Flights

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Dyna star shafts and flights are made differently than what most would consider normal shafts/flights. With these, the flight pops onto the back of a wire shaft and is capable of spinning. This spinning motion is suppose to help eliminate bounce-outs and deflections since the flight can rotate when it hits another dart that is in the board. If it hits another dart right, the flight will pop off the back of the shaft. I remember when they first came out and, like many other people, just had to have them. I threw them for about three months and have not thrown them since.

Pros: The flights are extremely sturdy. It would be very difficult to bend or rip one.

Cons: The wire shafts tended to bend a lot with me and needed to be replaced more regularly than the shafts I use now (the fourwire shaft.) If you take apart your darts at the end of each night, you will NOT want to buy these. After the flight is removed off the shaft a number of times, it simply would not stay on any more and would need to be replaced (hence, you don't want them popping off a lot either). Also, dyna star parts are considerably more expensive than almost any other style of shaft or flight.

Recommendation: As you have probably already guessed, I do not like them. But there are very many dart throwers out there that swear by them, many living here in Montgomery. At the time I used them I threw a 28 gram dart. I may have had all the problems because I threw a heavy dart. I just don't believe you get your money's worth out of them but it wouldn't hurt to get the opinion of someone that does use them. They will probably tell you I'm nuts and it wouldn't be the first time I was told that!!!

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Larry Maleszewski's $.02 Worth


  1. Flights are extremely durable & rigid.
  2. Available in lots of shapes & a few colors.
  3. They sure do spin. Much smoother action than 'Top Spin' shafts.
  4. Shafts are available in multiple styles (full wire on aluminum/plastic base or wire tip on aluminum/plastic base), & lengths.


  1. Parts are expensive.
  2. Wires on the short based shafts bend easily, but can be straightened easily.
  3. They're a little heavy for lighter darts to fly true. (i.e. Tail end sags.)


The spinning action is really smooth. The flights could last a long time, which does eventually offset the cost. Figure a set of flights for roughly $3.50 vs. 2 or 3 sets of regular flights @ $1.50 a set. They're that durable! The colors are limited. You need to be the type who can live with the same flight for a good while. They didn't work very well with 1/4" darts, but fine with anything thicker. For Hammerhead shooters, these may be the cure you're looking for.

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