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As you can tell right off the bat, this is a different kind of dartboard. The numbers are all still in the same place and the scoring areas are the same size as your standard bristle dartboard (this board is manufactured by Winmau). It comes with a nice poster explaining all the different games you can play on it.


  1. Lot's of new games based on popular card/casino games.
  2. Good quality bristle board, not a cheap paper wound one.
  3. All the scoring areas are regulation size.
  4. Games have rules to adjust for a throwers "skill" level. People of varying skills can still play against each other allowing the less proficient thrower an equal chance at victory.
  5. The poster it comes with explaining the rules is easy to read & understand.


  1. It doesn't have a number ring, the numbers are painted onto the surface of the board. This keeps you from being able to rotate the board for even wear.

Recommendations: It's a very unique board with 9 different games you can play on it. If you already like card/casino games, then you would enjoy this board. Even though it is a regulation sized board, I wouldn't play any of the standard dart games on it, I would use another board. Since this board can't be rotated, playing a lot of cricket on it, for example, will more quickly wear out the 15s - 20s.

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