Winmau Blade vs. Nodor President

written by: Larry Maleszewski

Here's a review on, IMO, the two finest dartboards available. The Nodor President & the Winmau Blade.

Both boards visually appear to use 'diamond wires' which allows the darts to slide off of the wires, into the scoring areas of the board. This allows for less bounce-outs. Both boards are made in the UK and carry some sort of certification, either ADO or BDO.

Cost: Both boards are similarly priced. The Blade averages around $70. The President can be found for a little less, since it's been on the market longer.

Nodor President:

Winmau Blade:

Recommendation: Buy either one! You just can't go wrong. Both are absolutely beautiful boards. Both are very well made. If price is your motivation, then the President is the ticket. If you're into the latest 'tech', then the Blade has it with the inlaid wires and staple free rings.

Good Luck & Shoot Well

Update: 14 Sep 98

I've been using this board now for three months, here's my update.

  1. The wires dividing the wedges are showing rust in places.
  2. In some areas, the edges of the sisal pods are beginning to 'grow hair'. (i.e. the bristles are beginning to come out of the board.)

My darts room, aka 'the basement', is not particularly damp. The Nodor President I'd reviewed at the same time, is about a year & 1/2 older, shows neither of these symptoms. An even older, well worn, Champions Choice does not exhibit these symptoms either. The materials used in the Winmau cannot possibly be the same as those in the Nodor.

I still think, that in concept, this board is awesome. I'm just disappointed that a board turning three months old, should be aging so badly & wearing so poorly.

If asked again.... Which premium board should I buy? I'd say Nodor President, unless Winmau improves these shortcomings.

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