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Winmau Blade Dartboard

Rating  4 bull rating  out of  5 bull rating

Here are the 10 Reasons Winmau has on the boards box stating why you need to buy this board:

  1. Durable, densely-packed, top quality sisal lasts longer
  2. State of the art BLADE™ system minimizes bounce-outs (which allows higher scoring)
  3. Patented Hi-Tech wire lock in system
  4. Angled wires deflect darts into board
  5. The Official dartboards of the B.D.O. Used in National and International Tournaments
  6. Easy rotation of removable number ring
  7. Ideal for use with Steel or Soft Tip Darts
  8. Greater visibility of scoring areas
  9. Bristle board heals itself during play
  10. All Winmau bristle boards manufactured in England and still the best

I will definitely have to agree that this board is one of the nicest dartboards I have ever thrown on. The wires in the bull and the ones that extend out from the bull are embedded into the board (the double/triple wires are not). The bullseye is simply awesome (no staples, no unnecessary wires protruding into the single bull from the wires running to it).


  1. No staples which allows for more surface area on the board and especially in the bullseye. Can't bounce a dart off a staple that doesn't exist!
  2. Diamond-shaped wires. Less chance for the dart to bounce-out, better chance for it to slide off and into the board.
  3. The colors do not ooze over into neighboring numbers like they do in some of the cheaper boards.
  4. No 'dead' zones (at least I haven't found any yet). What I'm referring to are those places nowhere near a wire that a dart simply will not stick it. It's very annoying when your dart hits dead center into the number you were aiming at and simply falls out of the board.
  5. It came with a throw line you can put on your floor, marked off with both steel-tip and soft-tip distances. Now all they need to throw in is a free backboard! :-)


  1. Yes, only one, and many people will think this is no big deal, but it is something I noticed. The spacers they use on the back of the board are plastic. I would have thought that a board that runs $70+ would at least come with the metal spacers that you attach with nails. Now you ask what's the difference. Well, it's simple, the ones made out of plastic are real easy to break. Maybe if they gave you extra ones, it wouldn't be so bad. It just struck me as being odd that a board of this quality comes with plastic spacers yet many of the boards I've purchased in the past for $20-30 less came with metal spacers. After explaining this to a friend that believed that plastic spacers were no big deal, he asked me if I would be willing to spend an extra dollar or two on the board if it came with metal spacers. My answer to him was simply 'Yes'.

    Now to play it fair, Kevin (a good friend from Australia and the webmaster for the Darts Australia) pointed out to me that if the board was not permanently mounted (backboard, cabinet, etc.), plastic spacers would be less likely to scratch the wall as bad. That makes sense, all the boards I've ever owned were mounted on backboards.

Recommendation: This is a nice board and you can't go wrong by purchasing it. I am testing the board and all results will be listed below.

dart hr

My Testing Results: I will be evaluating this board, and others, over the next 6-12 months. After each week of usage I will post the results on this page. I will be looking at a number of items such as wear and bounce outs (if there is something else you think I should look for, just let me know). My definition of a bounce out is a dart that bounces off the board. Now, having said that, this is what a bounce out is not:

  1. A dart that does not stick due to contact it made with another dart that was already in the board
  2. A dart that does not hit the board point first (flight fell out or just very poorly thrown)
  3. A dart that bounces off the metallic number ring.

The board will be rotated prior to being used on any given night. I rotate the board so that the 14 becomes the 20. Below are the most current results. I have annotated the bounce outs that Earl (a good friend of mine) has had. Because of the way he throws, he always has more bounce outs than anyone else (he could throw a dart at a fully inflated balloon and bounce it out).

Week 1: 10.5 hours of use/9 bounce outs (1 bounced out of the bull)
Earl had 6 bounce outs including 2 out of bull

Week 2: 15.5 hours of use/18 bounce outs (6 bounced out of the bull)
Earl had 12 bounce outs including 5 out of the bull

Week 3: 7 hours of use/4 bounce outs (0 out of the bull)
Earl had 9 bounce outs includind 2 out of the bull
Note: I have heard that the wires on this board tend to rust. I ran a white rag over the wires and indeed, the wires that run out from the bull to the double rings did have some rust on them. The wires have continued to rust as time goes on.

This is a nice board, but for now everyone that comes over wants to throw on either the Bandit board or the Quadro board instead. If we do use this board again in the future, I will continue to keep stats where I left off.

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