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The New Puma/DMI Bandit/Bulls Advantage Dartboard

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Here's the reasons the manufacturer has on the box that states why you should buy this board:

  1. No staples or wires
  2. Virtually eliminates bounce outs
  3. Embedded knife edged strips
  4. Patented interlocking system
  5. 10% more playing surface
  6. Official approved board by; Darts Federation of Australia, New Zealand Darts Council Inc., American Darts Organization
  7. Lasts up to 40% longer than conventional boards
  8. Complies to World Dart Federation specifications

This board, at least by appearances, is the same as the original DMI Bandit Dartboard. I've been told that all the enhancements went into the manufacturing of the board. The face does have different writing/designs outside of the scoring area, but the rest is the same. I was in touch with one of their representatives and this is what they had to say:

"One of the problems we experienced with the early model Bandits was that after a period of prolonged use, the Bandit knife edged frame tended to work its way out of the board. Two years ago we began securing these frames to the sisal making it virtually impossible for the frames to come out of the board. We also of course powder coat these white, the same as we do with our number rings to reduce reflection and aid visibility."


  1. Thin wires and no staples not only means fewer bounce outs, but does add more playing surface for the dart to score in.
  2. It may sound simple, but I like the White number ring. Even though people that have been throwing for a long time know where the numbers are, it's still a nice touch and is easier to read.
  3. The colors do not ooze over into neighboring numbers like they do in some of the cheaper boards.
  4. No 'dead' zones (at least I haven't found any yet). What I'm referring to are those places nowhere near a wire that a dart simply will not stick it. It's very annoying when your dart hits dead center into the number you were aiming at and simply falls out of the board.


  1. Thin wires. I know, how can they be both good and bad? Because the wires are so thin, it is sometimes difficult to see which number your dart is in when it is right against the wires. Unless you have a scorekeeper, you might have to move to see what your dart scored. I have found this to be especially true when your dart lands in a corner of a triple ring. But hey, I'd rather take a second to look than see it bounce off the wire and fall on the floor. The wires are also painted white, this does make it easier to see.

Recommendation: At the time of this writing, this is the best board on the market, period. Other boards have come close, but I haven't found one that could match the Bandit for lack of bounce outs or for many of the pros stated above.

The stats below says it all. After the first 17 weeks of use (255 hours), there were only 16 bounce outs. That's ONE bounce out for every 15.9 hours of use! We continued to use the board for an additional 203 hours experiencing 19 bounce outs. As you can tell below, most were from the bull (cricket is our game of choice so the bulls are used almost every game). So the totals come to: 458 hours of use; 35 bounce outs; 1 bounce out for every 13 hours of use (Note: please read below for MY definition of a bounce out). Throwers here in Montgomery that have played on the new Badit refuse to order any other board for their homes.

There are a number of factors you need to keep in consideration concerning these numbers. First off, we ensure our points are in good shape prior to throwing for the evening and after each turn should they hit a wire/floor. Barbed points will tear up a bristle board. Secondly, the board was rotated approximately every 4-5 hours of use (we throw an average of 4-5 hours/night and the board is rotated every night). If you do not follow these practices, your boards will never last as long as mine.

Don't get me wrong, the board does look quite battered but still looks a lot better than many boards I've seen hanging in bars. The bull does looks haggered and much of the paint on the spider wires has been chipped away. I have since given it to a friend that was still throwing on it at the time of this update (12/15/01).

dart hr

My Testing Results: I will be evaluating this board, and others, over the next few months. After each week of usage I will post the results on this page. I will be looking at a number of items such as wear and bounce outs (if there is something else you think I should look for, just let me know). My definition of a bounce out is a dart that bounces off the board. Now, having said that, this is what a bounce out is not:

  1. A dart that does not stick due to contact it made with another dart that was already in the board
  2. A dart that does not hit the board point first (flight fell out or just very poorly thrown)
  3. A dart that bounces off the metallic number ring or simply misses the board all together.

The board will be rotated prior to being used on any given night. I rotate the board so that the 14 becomes the 20. Below are the most current results.

Week 1: 9 hours of use & 0 bounce outs!!
Week 2: 11 hours of use & 0 bounce outs!!
Week 3: 8 hours of use & and 1 bounce out!!
The dart exactly hit the spot where the spider meets the bull. Even left an indention.
Week 4: 6 hours of use & 0 bounce outs
Week 5: 12 hours of use & 0 bounce outs
Week 6: 17 hours of use & 2 bounce outs (both in the bullseye)
Week 7: 12 hours of use & 3 bounce outs (1 in bullseye)
Week 8 23 hours of use & 2 bounce outs (1 in bullseye)
Week 9 18 hours of use & 1 bounce out (bullseye)
Week 10 25 hours of use & 2 bounce outs (both in bullseye)
Week 11 11 hours of use & 0 bounce outs
Week 12-13 31 hours of use & 2 bounce outs
Week 14-17 72 hours of use & 3 bounce outs (1 in bullseye)
Week 18-32 203 hours of use & 19 bounce outs (14 in bullseye)

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