Alamo Shafts

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Alamo Shaft

These are the shafts I've been throwing with for a number of years at the time of this writing. I've tried dozens of different shafts and these simply stand out as my favorite. The reasons for this are listed below.


  1. They're light yet durable. They do not bend but I have had a couple snap off at the barrel. But if you're carrying around a Shaft Ex Soft-tip Point/Non-Metal Shaft Extractor in your dart case, this won't be a problem. If you get these shafts, pick up a Shaf Ex, you won't regret it!
  2. I have robin-hooded these left and right and they take a beating. If you do bend the piece that holds the flight in, it will bend back. When they get torn up too much, and this takes a long time, the ends are replaceable.
  3. They're cheap! In most instances they're either cheaper than or the same price as aluminum shafts and aluminum shafts aren't this durable. I've found that when I occasionally checked my aluminum shafts when I threw with them, at least one of them would be warped which will cause a dart not to fly straight.


  1. If you're hunting for something flashy or pretty, this isn't what you want.

Recommendation: Buy them, you'll like them! They're tough and inexpensive (i.e. more money to spend on your favorite beverage). :-)

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