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Want to try something different, this is different. Instead of throwing your darts at the board, you blow them threw the gun. The line you stand at gets moved from 8' back to 11'. You have a number of different grips and options you can use with this including an attachment that will allow you to use paint balls.


  1. You can get very accurate with this. There is less movement and obviously less things that can go wrong as opposed to throwing a dart.
  2. Unlike normal darts, unless you're very 'close' to someone, they won't want to use your air gun when competing against you. This will encourage them to buy their own air gun.
  3. They come in 8 different colors (of course I got the black one).
  4. You can add/remove grips to whatever setup you like best. For those of you that are more serious, you can purchase a handle to mount on the air gun. I would think this would help your accuracy even more.
  5. The bottom line, it's different.


  1. After awhile, I got tired of blowing darts out of it.
  2. If this is not popular in your area, have a friend buy one also. That way you'll have someone to compete with and that may make this version of darts more visible.
  3. Warning: Steel-tip conversion points can be screwed into the darts. This can be dangerous in the hands of children (and irresponsible adults).

Recommendation: If you're like me and you have to try everything that is new, you'll want to get one. If you think you'd like to give one a try, get a friend to order one also. It'll get a little boring practicing when you have nobody to compete with. And as I mentioned above, you're not going to want to share your air gun with a friend.

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