This is a site that was started by Jim Whiting. He asked me to pick it up due to the fact he no longer had the time to maintain it. Email any additions you have to this list to me at crow@crowsdarts.com (please include either the year the movie is made or the name of one of the actors in the movie so I can link it back to the IMDB database). Jim started a point system that is awarded to those people that contribute to this list, the current standings are at the bottom of this page.

This page is divided into two sections, movies in which darts are actually thrown/used and movies that simply have a dartboard in the background.

Note: I do not always get around to posting your sitings the same day you send them in. On numerous occasions I've had people email me the name of the same movie. I credit the person whose email arrived first. So, if you see one that is not listed, email it to me, and check back and somebody else's name is next to it, that's why. Their email got here before yours. Thanks!

Finally a movie about darts! Check out Bullseye!

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Most recent additions:
Sep 7 - Knowing, Funny People, Road Trip Beer Pong, The Invention of Lying, The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard
Jul 4 - Next Day Air, Amazon Women on the Moon, Punisher: War Zone, Save the Tiger, Uncle Buck, Let's Go To Prison, You Kill Me, I'm Reed Fish, 501
Apr 27 - RocknRolla, The Book of Caleb
Mar 24 - Sometimes They Come Back... for More, Beer For My Horses, The Wrestler, Righteous Kill, Synedoche, Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Feb 7 - Good Arrows, He's Just Not That Into You, My Best Friend's Girl
Jan 4 - Fred Claus, Lake Placid 2, Step Brothers
Oct 27 - Trailer Park of Terror, Beethoven's Big Break, Hot Rod, Run Fatboy Run
Sep 6 - Street Kings, Definately Maybe, Pride and Glory, Flawless, Pineapple Express, Charlie Bartlett, Firehouse Dog, Fool's Gold
25 June - Hell's Angels
22 June 08 - American Gangster, Arrowman Sam, Big Fellas, Dark Past, Dream On, Hairspray, Jumper, Untraceable
23 Mar 08 - Gone Baby Gone, Crank, Across the Universe

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Darts in the Plot

Darts in the Background

Current Point Standings

(2 points for plots, 1 point for background)