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Here is a list of different types of dart games, each with the rules to that game. If you have rules to a game I do not have listed, please mail it to me and I will add it to the list and who sent it to me. Writing is not my forte, so if you notice any problems with the explanations to any of these games, or if they just don't make sense, please let me know by sending me an email. Most of these games can only be played on steel-tip boards, since soft-tip boards limits you to what you can play. Here is a list of dart terms.

Horizon Darts

Pro Competitor Electronic Dartboard - Looking for a soft-tip board that has lots of games, check out this one. It has 34 games and you can play each one against the computer at 5 different skill levels when there's nobody else around to throw.

QUADRO Dartboard - Make all the games listed on this page more interesting. Check out the new QUADRO dartboards. I hope to have an out chart for this board up soon.

Games sent in by visitors - Here is where I'll post a list of games that website visitors sent to me that don't particularly fall into any of the categories below (or may fall into more than one). Have you got a game I don't have listed? If so, just email it to me. Enjoy!

Mark Rogacki was kind enough to send me the rules that accompanies the inexpensive paper-wound boards that come with a baseball game on the back. Here are the rules.

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'01 games - 101, 301, 501, Gotcha, Shanghai rules, etc.

'01 Out Chart - Double Out

Outchart.doc (15.9k dbl out) - download this Word for Windows doc  (Updated 9/15/98)

'01 Out Chart - Single Out

301 Points-Per-Dart Chart

501 Points-Per-Dart Chart

Pitcher/Batter Baseball - A new game combining baseball & darts.

Soccadarts - contributed by Vincent Evans

Ports - a game based on pool/billiards contributed by Philip Schaub & Marshall Smith

Cricket Type Games - Cricket, Wild Mouse, Half-It, Narvak, Scram, Suicide Cricket

Multi-Player Games - Big-Little, Killer, Legs, 10 Bulls, Golf, Baseball, 51/55 in Fives, 25, Gotcha, Hockey

Rotation Games - Singles, Doubles, and Triples Rotation, 25

Mirkin's Darts - Bored, here's an online dart game (301, 501, 1001, round the clock). Nice graphics and sound, easy to use interface.

Dart Baseball - Another online dart game, this one brought to you by the Chicago Cubs. At the time I added the link, though, I couldn't get it to work. Maybe it's working now, give it a shot!


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