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The 3rd Annual Angels of Hope Multiple Sclerosis Bullshoot

We raised over $6,000 this year!!! We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors (listed below) and to all the throwers that helped contribute to a very worthy cause. This easily eclipsed any previous tournament.

Flanagan's Pub - Special thanks to Karen & Karl!

Doodle Hoppers

Mickey's Place

Head on the Door


Cross Keys

Cook Station

Michael's Pub

G.T. Key Company

Southeastern Pallets

Winn Dixie

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4 Shot King Dartboards, 22 sets of mixed darts, 4,000 2ba points, 100's assorted flights, a pair of hats and a sweatshirt
Dart Pros Graphic
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4 Sets of Darts, 1000s of 1/4" tips and 1,000 2ba tips
Dead Stroke
Six Dead Stroke Dart Shirts and Assorted Window Decals
Discount Darts Logo
3 sets of darts, many assorted sets of shafts & flights
Horizon Darts Logo
Deluxe Magnum Air Gun
Laserdart Logo
1 Set of Soft-Tip Black Widow Darts

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