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All hats are embroidered (4,338 stitch count)
One size fits all, even my fat head!

Cost: $12 + Shipping & Handling (US $3.50)

Note: S&H is a one-time charge per order, not per hat, so if you wanted 2 hats it would be $27.50

Email me at for more information (ie my mailing address) and for shipping costs outside the United State. (You can go to the United States Postal Service site to see what Shipping & Handling will come to). Thanks to Dart Pros, there are now two ways to order:

  1. You can get them directly from me. I can only accept cashiers check or money orders (no personal checks).
  2. You can also order them from Dart Pros. He can accept credit cards for those of you that want to pay that way. While you're there, you can pick up those dart supplies you've been needing.

All US orders will be shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation. The reason is two-fold: it's not that much more in cost and they supply the box to mail the hats in.

If you would like to order one from me, please fill out the form below. When I receive it, I will send you my mailing address and any S&H charges for those orders outside of the United States.

Your E-Mail address:

How many hats:

Mailing Address:

I want to thank everyone for their support!

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