Blackpool Darts & Dominoes Winter League 2002/2003


Annual General Meeting
Devonshire Club, Monday 11 November 2002.

Meeting commenced 8:05pm

Minutes of last AGM were read and passed by the floor

Roll call made of teams in attendance and proxies

Dev / Doc Club, Highfield Social Club, Pleasure Beach Star II, The Gynn, Little Fat Jack's, King Edward, Belle Vue, Victory Hotel, The Star, Guards Club, Mere Park Hotel.

Teams absent
The Shovels with apology wishing to re-enter the league

Election of officers

It was proposed and seconded that original lead members should continue in the same roles which was accepted by the floor

Chairman : Andy Walton Secretary : Wiz Treasurer : Jo-Anne Phelps

New teams applying

The Ardwick (phone entry), Progress Club (phone entry) and Argosy Sports & Social (all were accepted by the floor).

The League Secretary stated that he would contact teams not at the meeting but would possibly be joining.

It was also decided that in the event of further new teams joining the League then the committee would abide by the League Secretary's decisions.

Alterations to rules.

It was decided that the rules should remain unaltered.

League fees were set at £60

League was to start 04/12/02

Fixtures were to be distributed on Finals night (27 November 2002) in The Gynn.

Format of the League was to be 2 leagues, Premier League and First Division.

Individuals, Pairs and Trebles darts competitions were to be held as would Knock-out Cup, Sportsmans Cup and Captains Cup. Highest finishes, 180s and 5 - 0 domino wins to continue.

Venue for meetings to remain as the Devonshire Club.

There was no other business

Wiz stated that the league was now on the internet and the address was

Meeting was closed at 8:35pm